We Need Info

If you have any information on the following areas or contacts where we could possibly check them out and do an interview or video of the area, contact me at sseegars@gmail.com.

Remember that this isn’t just South Carolina, this Strange CAROLINA Tales. I want ’em all.



The Devils Stomping Ground South Carolina

Chester – The Chester Little Theater

The Hound of Goshen

The Swamp Girl


6 Responses

  1. Hey i got one for you the legend of the wampus cat out side of Faison NC in duplin county legend has it that at night the cat will make you wreck your car ive heard this legend since i was god at least 5 and even through high school please check it out

  2. So What kind of info are you looking for,. or WERE you looking for on the Chester Little Theater? I might can help,.. have doe many investigations of the paranormal aspect at CLT,… It was purchased by the Presbyterian Church next to it, and is being renovated,.. along with the old Baron’s Funeral home which is adjacent to the theater,… I would be happy to give what info I can if you are still interested,..?

  3. Do you have any information on hauntings on the old air base in myrtle beach?

  4. hello, i am a native of s.c. i live near cheraw and i went to old st. davids church today. the funny thing is i went to see if i could catch a picture of ghost and i actually did, so i would like to say that i agree with you all the way about it being haunted.

  5. im from pageland s.c my great gma died in 2001 and we were very close after she died i eventually took over her house and every now and again u could smell her perfume it would come then all of a sudden it would be gone and you could also smell her cookin after we cleaned her stuff out we ripped carpet out n replacied furniture curtians it all so i know ghost are real

  6. Do you have any more information on where, who, and a list of names for the families moved from Ellenton. Looking for who moved my mom and dad. Having a problem with their land now. This is one of the black families moved. Jackson is last name.

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