The Little Girl

The following is not a piece of fiction. This is something I invite you to comment on because it is freaking me out.

First off the wife is probably reading this and I apologize for not mentioning it.

I have been having these really strange dreams. I can’t remember all of them so let’s start from last night:

I am at this old red brick house in the woods with an elderly lady. I don’t know her, but I feel comfortable around her. We are talking about just everyday things and then the topics swing to, I suppose, things of a more paranormal nature.

We are walking along a trail (near the house?) in the woods when she stops and says, “There it is again!”

We hear organ music. i mean big ole pipe organ in the attic of the creepy old house organ music. It continues and so do we. We aren’t scared. We continue to walk and talk as if the music isn’t even playing.

I am telling her that it’s alright. Everything is going to be okay. But I have no idea what I am consoling her about.

We reach the porch and she tells me that “she” is there again.

I look down to see a perfectly cherubic face smiling up at me.

A little girl. Maybe 2-4 years of age. Smiling. I mean really smiling. Smiling so that her eyes show the smile. Ultimate joy.

Then she fades with a ghost like quality and is gone in a blinding flash of light.

I feign fainting. We laugh and go inside. The music stops.

At this point I wake up in a cold sweat and grab for my wife. I am terrified after these dreams, but I am at total peace while the dream is going on.

I will continue to blog them here. So what say you? Anyone else seen this little girl in their dreams?

After writing the above I googled “smiling little girl in my dreams” and went to images by mistake and this came up. This is her almost to the “T”. The hair on my arms is standing up right now.



26 Responses

  1. No idea…I hardly ever recall any dreams. I don’t think I dream. Maybe someone from a past life?

    • that is such an awsome story. have you ever thought of researching the story of the little boy on the train. in graniteville cemetary. to this day no one knows who he was.

  2. I have dreams that I believe to be of importance.
    I never talk abaut them.there is an importance to your little are like a fatherfigger to her. she was very happy and full of smiles. go back to the old house take a recorder with you and talk to her.that is what Iwould do.

  3. I am so sorry for you butt i don’t no what to say. If you said you saw her in your dream well, that’s scary.Here’s what i saw in my dream witch is really a night mare.I saw her closet opening when there’s nowone there, sorry i forget how to spell nowone. anyways i think it was a demen becuase latter on her mirror started to crack up. the next day i came over the next day and she told me everything! that! was! in my dream so i say.I think it was something paranormal.So don’t feel scared i’m in it to.
    p.s this better not be fake.

  4. What i mean by her is my friend hannah.

  5. if she doesn’t scare you in your dreams,it’s because she doesn’t mean to harm you,and you shouldn’t be scared in reality either.She’s probably a friend,or someone you were familiar with in a past life.i had dreams like these too,but they usually left a good memory in my mind.i say you shouldn’t be scared until shown otherwise.

  6. I think that she is calling out to you, for help.

  7. i know who that Little girl is.She was a old school frIend of mine her name was HelenT or someThing LikE that. She was very joyful, but Greatly quIte she always waRm our hearts up. SadLy one day she just went mIsSing And Nobody SaW hEr again. 1 oR 2 people thought they saw her, but nobody believed them.

    P.S read carefully

  8. very clever, LTTLE GRL ANSWERS

  9. I think this little girl was mudderd, are you ever in a wooded area, the organ playing is that of a funreal, she wants your help finding her. She is only reaching out, do you know where this house is?if so than when you walk out one of the doors maby the back, go catted conner to the right of the woods. where alot of trees stand on one area. I see maby a pine tree it seems she is there burried by an old stomp, it appears this was maby in the earl 1900’s. I believe the older lady in the dream is her grandmother, but look by the pine trees.

  10. Hello,

    You need to be a little more specific. concentrate on your surroundings pay attention to the trees, smells, feelings (hot, cold, warm, etc). your dreams are centered on detail. also, dreams of death or the afterlife, mean a fruitful life in reality. but, then again in order to find out the true meaning of your dreams, detail is required, i’m sorry, but thats that. By the way i’m a South Carolina boy myself.

  11. suck to be you man

  12. ok i have een this little girl 4 times in my dreams and she is very frindly i have looked up every thing i knew to look up but could not find out any thing about her family are any thing after a little while the dreams stopped but came back when i went to these old woods with some friends near my house its creepy but good to know i am not the only one

  13. well i can you that i have seen a ghost and well it was at this really old hotel in gravehurst and well it was 3:00 o’clock in the morning and well this little girl came through a meatel door and well said i cant find my mommy or daddy and so i ent to the second the floor and well there was a door where you open the the door and well it had a bloody hand print on it and well her parents where chopped up in two a milloin little peies and well it was a slavyer camp back in the 1800’s and when the the slaves didnt do what they where told they got there heads cut and well that is a true

  14. god i am soooooooo glad i ant none of yall

  15. Hey, this reply may be a few years late but oh well. dreams are difficult subject when it comes to the paranormal. it could be just that, a dream. or it could be a relative you never met or weren’t told about who is trying to spend time with you because she wasn’t able to in life. it also could be a hitchhiker, just a ghost you picked up somewhere that happens to follow you around, it doesn’t have enough energy to manifest anywhere but your dreams. As for the picture, there is a very very small chance that that little girl is the woman you see in your dreams. in fact, that’s almost impossible. but i wouldn’t be worried she seems to be doing no real harm… unless… there is still the possibility that this is a spirit who many people see all over the world, this type of thing is a result of (stay with me here) the connection between people’s minds. things that carry emotion can be more widely spread and more vividly perceived (it spreads like a disease sort of, but more randomly. more like a parasitic idea) in this case this girl was at one point an actual spirit who actually infiltrated one’s dreams, but is now just a subconscious tummy ache.

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