Pleasant Grove Campground, Mineral Springs, NC

Another quick, but interesting vid of a site I was lucky enough to visit during work today. Enjoy!


Welcome to Welcome?

I am a great believer in getting off the highway and seeing what the secondary roads have to offer. Several post back I took you to Cross the Diamond/Squashapenny. Now that was a real treat.

Here is a little something we found off the beaten path….

Something that kinda shook my Dad.

We had my sisters wedding this weekend. Lots of fun!
Really, she has married into a wonderful family. I love her new mother in law, Boom Boom. Some of the pics at the wedding were being looked through today and we came across this.
Counting in from the right hand side, three ladies in is a little grey haired lady. Looks exactly like Grandma.
Problem is, Grandma died earlier this year. We miss her. Maybe she made it to one last grand childs wedding.
You never know.


Winnsboro, SC

More to come…….