The REAL Crybaby Creek Bridge

I know you have heard this one. The one about the bridge where you go and hear the baby cry after you call out “Crybaby, crybaby!” Sure. It’s just around the corner. Well, here is the story about the real Crybaby Creek Bridge.

Just a note. Everywhere I look on the net I see this refered to as “Crybaby Bridge”. Maybe it’s just the local southern thing of having to make sure that you know the reason the bridge is there. We call it Crybaby Creek Bridge here. Perhaps it’s one of those things like having to call it “Wal-Marts” or K-Marts”. Of course my favorite is “Let’s go to the Wal-Marts!”

In the early 1940’s a young mother was on her way home on Hwy. 601 in the northern part of South Carolina, just south of Pageland. She was tired and it was late at night, all she wanted was to get her little one home and to get some much needed rest. Her husband had been away fighting the good fight for his country and would be arriving home the next day. It had been a long three years since she had seen him and she was very excited about holding him in her arms again. So excited that she took the bridge over Flat Creek a little to fast. The next thing she knew, she had been thrown from the car and was searching frantically for her baby whom she could hear crying in the dark. Search as she might she could not find him, and as she searched the crying got fainter and fainter until it stopped all together. As did her heart. It broke right there on the spot.

Now on the right night, you can go there and call to that lost little soul. Maybe he will call back to you. Maybe mommy will help you to find him……

I first heard of this place in Jr. High. A very spooky story for someone that is impressionable like we all were at that age. I on the other hand had this as one of my first pieces of the supernatural history of my state. So I started to check stuff like this out. Now I will admit to using this place to scaring a few girls. That’s a given. But I didn’t realize until the advent of the internet just how many of these there were.

The following is a portion of the Wikipedia entry on “Crybaby Bridge.”:

The Crybaby Bridge Phenomenon As Internet Hoax: One Case In Point In Maryland
A clear case can be made for the existence of at least one Crybaby Bridge story as being due to a selective, and almost overnight “seeding” of the Shadowlands Ghost Website in 1999. As Jesse Glass, author of Ghosts and Legends of Carroll County Maryland (Carroll County Public Library, 1982, 1998) and The Witness; Slavery in Nineteenth Century Carroll County, Maryland (Carroll County Historical Society and Meikai University Press) presents it, the “Crybaby Bridge” said to exist near Westminster, Carroll County, Maryland allegedly because of the hanging of runaway slaves, and the infanticide of African American babies there by the Ku Klux Klan, is a hoax because of these points:

1) The almost overnight appearance of “Crybaby Bridges” in Maryland and Ohio, which indicates seeding of selected Internet websites devoted to ghosts and the paranormal. One of the most popular websites in the late 1990’s was the Shadowlands listing of hauntings in each state. Glass recalls noting the sudden appearance of “Crybaby Bridges” on that website and bringing them–particularly the one in Westminster–to the attention of the owner of the site. The story was almost identical in every location, with certain variations indicating a facile knowledge of the history of the area. In the case of Westminster, KKK activity happened in the 1970’s, and received extensive newspaper coverage, so it would not have been difficult for the hoaxer to connect the KKK to the story in Westminster.

2) The lack of any historical documentation of events remotely connected with forced infanticide and deaths of slaves at the bridge. Westminster, Maryland maintained two vital newspapers during the historical period in question,The American Sentinel and The Democratic Advocate. Both papers gave extensive coverage to local events, even the most lurid. This includes hangings, lynchings, and the deaths of African-Americans as well as the activities of the KKK and KKK-like groups during the Reconstruction period. These papers would have reported events like those the Crybaby Bridge story purports to have happened, yet there is not a single mention in any of these papers of those events.

3) The complete lack of any local oral history connected with the bridge in question before 1999. In the 1970’s Glass interviewed elderly residents of Westminster and Carroll County, Maryland to compile the stories in Ghosts and Legends of Carroll County, Maryland, and though he talked to residents who could recall stories of what happened in the area pre-dating the Civil War, not one person mentioned anything remotely connected to the bridge in question. Glass himself spent his formative years in the Westminster area and similarly heard nothing about this story until its abrupt appearance on the Internet.

4) Because of these points Glass, a Maryland folklorist and historian whose work has been recognized by the Maryland Humanities Council and the Library of Congress, concludes that the Westminster Crybaby Bridge story is the result of an Internet hoax, and by extension, suggests that other Crybaby Bridge stories that appeared at the same time as the Westminster story are most probably conscious attempts at creating regional fakelore.

Fakelore? HAH! I like that. Well, I have to go by my little slogan of “True or not! Just looking for a really good story.”

I have been here several times with friends and family. I even place a geocache here. This particular spot is now DNR land and I don’t know if you have permission to go here at night. Which really ruins the story. I mean, you HAVE to go to Crybaby Creek Bridge at night. It’s part of the mystique. I know people that absolutely WILL NOT venture here at night. And with good reason…..

Several years ago when we were first married, the wife and I got into a little bout of “ghost hunting”. We had come down to visit my parents in Kershaw, SC, just a few miles from the site in question, with the intention of going out to Crybaby Creek to do a little filming. I have to say now that I have since lost the tape we made that night. I know that really sucks! I wish I had it to show here and had I known I would be doing this site all this time later I would have guarded that tape with my life.

Anyway, it’s about sundown and we make our way to the site. You have to park at the main road for this one. Years ago you could drive all the way out to the bridge. Now there is a steel gate barring your way. So, a half mile walk on an abandoned highway (this keeps getting better) and you get to the bridge.

By now it’s completely dark. Nothing to light our way but a rechargeable MagLite and the light from the cameras LCD screen. We stayed for about an hour and called out the obligatory “cybaby,crybaby!” All with no results. By this time the full moon had come out from behind the clouds and made the spot all eerie. The surrounding landscape being a piece of swampland really sets the whole thing off. This spot is eerie even in the day time. So we film for a little while longer and head home thinking we have nothing.

We took the ride home to Monroe, NC and set up the camera to watch what we had filmed on the TV. I left the room for a few minutes to get some popcprn and some drinks when I hear this blood curdling scream from the bedroom. I run in and all I hear is a muffled “Turn it off! Turn it off!” from beneath one of the pillows. I, being the loving husband that I am, directly disobeyed and rewound the tape. She left. After a few minutes of VERY amateur film shots there appeared on the screen a perfect image of a babys face in the water of the creek below. I was speechless. She was mad and would not come to bed until I turned off the tape.

I went over and over the tape. Watching the same few seconds over and over again. There it was. A babies face in the water. Power of suggestion? Seeing what I wanted to see? Nope. I took the vid to work and to friends houses to let them watch without telling them what I had seen. Each time the response was “HOLY #$%@! There’s a babies face in the water!”

I can honestly say that this bridge was famous (infamous) for it’s particular peculiarity well before the internet became a popular tool. This story was passed around word of mouth to every kid who would listen. Believe me or not! Better yet, go there yourself and call out to him, if you dare.

So, say what you want about the other Crybaby Bridges, this one is real!


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  1. In my area we have a story about a ‘haunted’ cemetery complete with it’s onwn 13 steps to Hell story.

    The part I find interesting is that if you talk to locals the area that seems to be the real problem is the highway in front of the cemetery.

    So you have to wonder if the cemtery became the focal point because it is a cemtery.

    This story has given me a lot to think about…great writing!

    And the road?

    It’s just a highway where lots of people have died.

    Sometimes when you research these things you’ll always find the grain of truth…and that grain can be a ‘strange tale’ in itself.



      • Brandie,
        Contact us regarding your story. or 803-719-6177.


      • How could that be true ?if the baby is dead then how could u steal hear it but it is spooky.

  2. You should be aware that The person calling himself Dr. Jesse Glass inserted that material on the Wikipedia site to promote a personal belief he has and an apparent extreme dislike of the Shadowlands webiste. Wikipedia does not permit people to use its articles to publish origiinal research or to insert material of their own writing. His material and clear conflict of interest was discussed at length on the Talk page and largely removed. A more neutral editor ( not me) redacted his basic hypothesis (and that is ALL it is) and added the summary of it to the article under the subheading ‘Controversy’ Never in all my years as a folklorist or anthropologist have I observed such odd and unacademic behavior. Wikipedia is a public encyclopedia and it plays a valuable role on the net. Your citing his added material is a good argument for it being removed since people look to wikipedia for the first word on a subject. It may be true that the term Crybaby bridge was popularized via the Net and that people who looked upon a given local bridge as haunted adopted the term and maybe even some of the backstory of the bridges listed on Shadowlands. That is not fakelore since no deception is intended. What Dr., Glass has against that website, I don’t quite understand.

    As for your own Crybaby bridge – if you can document the stories, you should. Record them as told to you by others and date the recordings. If you can come across any old newspapers stories or even personal correspondence that discusses the events that too is helpful. Keep writing and consider contributing to wikipedia. Folklore topics could use some more input!

    • I know the bridge and the story very well. This is the FIRST time I heard this story. We visited the bridge and river frequently when I was a teenager because I lived close by that bridge. My advice to those writing a story of a place they have not been raised around, get local references. Granted, there are several stories about Cry Baby Bridge, We actually yelled: “I killed your baby” from the bridge. Yelling this was supposed to bring the woman and baby out of the woods. In all my years, I never heard one person yell “Cry Baby Cry Baby.” Back in the day, it was good clean fun for 6 or 7 close teen friends. O how I wish I could go back in time and do it all over…fun times! We never saw a lady or a baby…it’s just a story.

  3. I’m Dr. Jesse Glass–not a person calling himself that, and I have nothing against any website. The Carroll County Crybaby Bridge is an clear example of an internet hoax. The anonymous editor of the Wikipedia page redacted my points, true enough, but there was and is no conflict of interest.

  4. Oh–that should be “a clear example”

  5. I don’t like the controversy of this, BUT, I will not remove wither comment. Welcome to the both of you. I actually like the viewpoint of the good Doctor in this particular article and thought it a valuable opinion on the subject. As I said in part of my article, our Crybaby Creek Bridge has existed here, in story and in fact, since before I was born.

    Dr. Glass I hope you do not mind me using your viewpoint here on my site. I really enjoyed this part of the Wikipedia article.

    Could you tell me if they were your points or not? I will delete them if they are not. I would hate for anyone to be misquoted. However I do find that they are good points.

  6. They’re absolutely my points! In fact, I just went back over my “sent” e-mails and can tell you that I sent my first e-mail (unanswered) to Shadowlands on February 21, 1999, so that’s the time that the Crybaby Bridges first started to appear on the Internet. It was almost an over-night appearance, so I would guess that the information was “seeded” during the week of February 14th, 1999. I have no beef with Shadowlands–it was, along with Obiwan’s UFO-free pages–simply one of the few ghost and paranormal sites back then, and its open “hauntings” board classified according to geographical region, was (if I recall correctly) almost a one-of-a-kind feature. I have yet another e-mail from a woman who complained to me about the flood of Crybaby Bridge reports that year.

    The Wikipedia business about “conflict of interest” was a misunderstanding by the anonymous editor with whom I was corresponding. Conflict of interest means that one is somehow trying to benefit from posting about a subject. My book Ghosts and Legends of Carroll County was simply cited because I literally wrote the book on the paranormal events of that area. I was not attempting to sell that book or anything else I’ve written by spoeaking up about this internet hoax.

    What I do find rather awful and personally distasteful about the Crybaby Bridge hoax is the made-up, openly racist story regarding deaths of slaves and African-American babies from that bridge when there is not a stick of evidence for any of it. I think that’s simply morally reprehensible to attempt to foist that kind of canard onto a community like Westminster which has had, believe you me, it’s share of racial misunderstandings and tragedies.

    I am Dr. Jesse Glass. You can look me up on the Wikipedia, if you like. I don’t hide behind a web moniker. Thanks so much! Jesse

  7. this is a link to the Baltimore Examiner about me and what I know of Westminster, Maryland:

    You may also check the first page of under Ahadada in Carroll County to see more. I believe that Carroll County, Maryland should apologize for slavery.

    • me and my friend , jessie were going down this road ( we took the road every time we went up there and never experienced this before ) it was night we were in my new car taking it for a test drive cruising and all that and all of a sudden we come upon this bridge and we seen this white figure saying *where is my baby* * have you seen my baby?* * give me my baby back *( we were really truly terrified because we havn’t had this happen before ) and anyways we heard this baby crying in the waters of the river * i feel so sorry for this ghostly mother who is in search of her long lost baby unable to get into the deep dark waters to rescue her…… baby she needed out help but we were to afraid to? who knows?? maybe she will find her baby and they will stay together forever??? or maybe the sad mother will never find her baby again?? and just stay there wandering where her child is…. thank you for reading my story 😀

  8. One more link: this is to teh apology article:

    Thanks, Jesse

    P.S. Also, for those of you who want to check out the Westminster Crybaby Fake-lore itself, please check out my free, down-loadable book The Witness at the Ahadada Books website.

  9. Just wanted to add this link to my literary papers at the University of Maryland, College Park Special collections:

    Thanks! Jesse Glass

  10. we need directions. can you e mail them to me so that we can go and visit?

  11. Okay, my brother, three friends, and the youth leader from our church are going to that same crybaby bridge to test the urban legend. What exactly do you have to do? Anybody know? There are tons of stories, like that you have to turn the car off at night and put your keys on top and they’ll dissapear, and of course screaming “Crybaby,crybaby!”, but what EXACTLY is it?

  12. I grew up close to an alleged crybaby bridge in Hampton County, off Joe Miley Road (named after my grandfather), close to what the locals call “the bad curve” in a plot of land known as “Hoover’s Corner”. A car went off a small bridge, and the two children drowned in the early 1970’s — my father saw the car before it was pulled out, actually describing the wheels of the upside down car in the water. I was attending college before I heard someone refer to the bridge I knew all my life as Crybaby Bridge, and taking their girlfriends there at night to scare them. Eerie enough, it looks nearly identical to the above picture!

  13. I never really grew up around “Cry Baby Bridge”, but as a little girl I remember going over it and what happened to all of us. I don’t know the real story behind the bridge. All I do know is my account was a little different. I was with 7 people, and we all saw and heard the same thing. We drove across the bridge and came back. Well the person driving the truck (I was on the back with 5 people) “stalled” the truck. Well the passenger rolled down her window and threw pennies into the creek to make the sounds of someone walking. Of course most of us was scared. The thing is she ran out of pennies, and we still heard the sound of someone walking in the water. All of a sudden we saw a man standing were the trees are wearing a cap. Note in the group with us were no men just all women. The man called out to us and said, “What are you doing on my bridge.” By this time we wanted the hell out of there. The driver tried to start the car and could not. Out of nowhere we heard a child start to cry, and when you looked back at the man he was walking toward us. Finally the car started, and we got out of there. On the way out we heard scratching on the side of the truck. Now thing of something that you would never let anything happen to; like a sister, brother, or an item you have. This is how the person was about their truck. Always clean; went to the car was once everyday. When we got home and looked at the truck and believe it or not there were scratches on the side right close to the top where my two friends were sitting.
    Now if you do not believe me you can email me and I can give you the place it happened. I will say it was on the boarder of North Carolina and South Carolina. To this day I will not drive over the bridge. I will go out of my way to skip the bridge.

    • Hey Ashley! I live near the border of South Carolina and North Carolina. My dad once told me my grandparents lived near an old bridge where they moved away from quickly due to hearing a baby crying all night and a figure of a man walking along the bridge at night. I’m not sure where the bridge is but I was wondering if you could give me the location of the bridge you had experiences with. My dad said his family had figured out a young couple had lived in the area by the bridge in the late 1800s. According to the history they were told the house had caught on fire and the woman had grabbed the baby running towards the river. The husband never found his wife or child but they claim he stays near the bridge even now. Idk how much is true since this is a story that’s been passed through my family.

  14. Hi,
    This is in regards to “CryBaby Bridge”. I am from Flat Creek, South Carolina. I grew up there. Flat Creek is in Lancaster County, South Carolina. I grew up less than 2 miles from that bridge. This story has been around for as long as I can remember. I have gone there many times, we would walk there from my house. That is an accurate picture above of the bridge. There is something definitely going on down there and you can feel it as you arrive there. That bridge is on the “Old Flat Creek Hill”, the old highway. I haven’t heard the baby cry, because we were always too scared to stay around that long when we were there at night. Even in the daytime, it was a feeling that something would happen to you if you stayed there for too long. Across the street, across the new highway is also “Gregory’s GraveYard” This Graveyard is surrounded by an old rusty gate, and is very scary also. I live in Tampa, Fl now, but cherish my time growing up in Flat Creek. I just wanted to add that this story is very real.

    • we are from indian land and could use more specific directions please, for example, where is old flat creek hill? We understand that it is on 601 towards lancaster, we need street names

      • Hi Lisa. Here’s a shortened excerpt from the Crybaby Creek Cache on The cache has been disabled but the coordinates and directions are still valid. It’s adjacent to Forty Acre Rock park (worth visiting all by itself) near Pageland, SC. I visited the bridge five years ago and even in daylight it’s pretty spooky.

        “Crybaby creek has a little ghostly local history. Aparently, a young mother ran off the bridge with her baby in the car. Both were killed and still haunt the spot. …. The cache is relatively easy to get to. first you can park at the following coordinates:N 34 39.351’W080 30.955’After that it’s just a short hike into the woods on an old disused road.CAUTION!This is a great spot for snakes and we do have rattlesnakes around these parts so be warned.Also this is an old bridge so venture carefully!”

      • I’m seeing others say the land is now owned by DNR. I have to agree that trespassing is not recommended.

    • Hey, Kelly. I’ve been there many times, day and night (not alone, of course). No crying babies or ghosts though. For the guy who says this pic is Greenhand Bridge, I must disagree. It looks just like CBB to me. I’ve been to both also. I seem to recall GHB is bigger.

  15. I would like to visit this… is there any way I could get directions? I have googled but it only takes me to Flat Creek… doesn’t have any info on where the bridge is. any info would be great!

    • I would like to have either GPS coordinates to this or even directions if at all possible… Thanks in advance :~}

  16. I grew up in Pageland, but I’ve never heard of this place. If you could shoot me an e-mail with directions to it, that’d be great.

    • There is also a scary Graveyard near there. Gregory’s Graveyard. It’s off 601 before you turn to go to Crybaby Bridge its on the left. Graves from the 1600’s-1800’s

  17. Crybaby Bridge. Coming from Pageland, drive towards Lancaster on 601, before you get to Flat Creek, at the bottom of Flat Creek Hill make a right. Crybaby Bridge is on “Old Flat Creek Hill” . Your first left, after you turn. It is not far after you turn at all maybe 100 feet, I am sure it’s grown up with weeds so go slow. Go there between Midnight and 3am and post your story.

    • Kelly are you with the paranormal group out of Lancaster?

      • No, I grew up in Flat Creek and have been to CryBaby Bridge many times. I reside in Tampa, Fl now. You can see my earlier post on June 21, 2009. I know a lot about this area.

      • Hey Scott,.. if you are talking about Purely Paranormal Investigations out of Lancaster, ( that’s my group), We don’t have a Kelly in ours!

  18. I have to say NO do not go out there at night! This land is under DNR regulation and you will be trespassing and may get arrested. Of course I have to say that we here at Stange Carolina Tales (now Searching The South) do not condone trespassing.

    • Yes I understand this. But I doubt seriously that you will get arrested. It is in a very remote area.

      • Kelly I have spoken with the officer that is the land manager over that area and I wouldn’t chance it. He is a real horses you know what and I have no doubt that he would try to punish people to the fullest extent of the law. Is this Kelly Thompson?!?!?

  19. hello my nam,e is kristen and i was just wondering if this is where cry baby bridge first started cuz i have been looking for the original crybaby bridge for awhile now and all i keep finding are copycats who cant find there own story. i live in tulsa oklahoma and we have like 3 crybaby bridges over here.

    • Kristen this bridge has had this story ever since I can remember and I am 43 years old now. This particular story existed long before the internet. I can’t say it’s the original of the story but I know that the internet did not start the story for this particular bridge.

  20. This is an internet hoax.

    This is an easy case to solve. One, any accident this horrific would have been in the local papers.

    Secondly, if this accident happened, then the names could be verified through the S.C. Death index.

    Thirdly, HOW could we know what the woman heard if she died there with no one else but her already dead child?

    Lastly, DNR land is patroled by the DNR Law Enforcement, AKA “The Game Warden,” and YES, they specialize in going deep in the woods, especially at night! Stuff like this is the reason why they have to.

    It makes for a good campfire story, but there isn’t any crying baby at the bridge.

    • SCott, this is NOT an internet hoax. I grew up in Lancaster, SC and even visited this bridge. This was Halloween in 1991. I cannot vouch for the validity of an accident. but the story has been around for as long as I can remember, and infact, my father told it to me when I was young.

    • This particular bridge was known as CBB long before there was such a thing as the Interwebs.

  21. I am from Lancaster SC and lived here all my life. My friends and I have been going to every creepy place in Lancaster that we’ve heard about since we could drive. We’ve been to Gregory Graveyard, 40 acre rock, Cry Baby Bridge, Greenhand Bridge, and so on. A MILLION TIMES. We’ve spent the night out there, at each one of these places, camping out, drinking, getting stoned and so forth. And I just want to say that the picture that is posted above is not of Cry Baby Bridge. It was taken at Green Hand Bridge. I promise. I spent nights camping out there. I could get there with my eyes closed. It is nowhere near Crybaby Bridge.

    • Hey Chris I have to say that you need to stop drinking and getting stoned so much. I am the author of this blog and the photographer that took that pic. ABSOLUTELY Crybaby Creek Bridge.


  22. Chris, I have many pictures of the bridge myself, and it is, in fact, the bridge that is the topic of this particular discussion,… This is definitely NOT Green Hand Bridge… .
    As for going out at night, I totally agree with Scott Seegars,.. Trespassing is Trespassing, regardless of how you look at it, or how remote the area is.. If you plan on going to the area at night, I would strongly suggest that you first go through the proper channels and get permission to be on the property, and even ask a DNR officer if they would like to accompany you on your adventure… The area is patrolled by DNR officers, and there are signs posted,.. No ATV’s (4 wheelers or 3 Wheelers) are allowed, and you cannot drive out to the bridge,… it is about a 1/2 mile walk down the old, now closed, highway…
    Its a nice walk in the fall, the colors are beautiful!! But visit safely,.. go in the daytime, and if you take snacks or drinks or whatever the case may be, take your trash out with you,.. There are so many places that are local lore and legend, like the bridge, and the Gregory Graveyard, that have become targets of vandals and it really is sad that someone could have so little respect for these things, as well as themselves, since they have the audacity to do that,.. Not being judgmental,.. just sayin’,……
    If you DO go at night, and I am NOT SAYING TO DO IT, make sure you have a flashlight, proper ID, and a cell phone handy,… and if an officer rolls up on you,.. BE HONEST,…. Give them all of your info, and be cooperative,… don’t be a smarty, be nice,… You may get lucky and get a warning,… But I guess it would depend on what kind of mood the officer is in,….. 🙂 Have fun but BE SAFE.
    Oh, the cell phone,…?? If someone gets hurt, you have to have a way to call for help,… It would be quite a haul to have to lug someone out of there back to the main road, so keep a cell phone handy,… Be safe, and happy trails!

  23. This is a correct and accurate description of the story by LisaToo, as we locals know it. Also, watch out for copperhead snakes if you go. Keep in mind this accident happened years and years ago. It is actually Flat Creek, but is referred to as Crybaby Bridge on old Flat Creek hill.

    “Crybaby creek has a little ghostly local history. Aparently, a young mother ran off the bridge with her baby in the car. Both were killed and still haunt the spot. …. The cache is relatively easy to get to. first you can park at the following coordinates:N 34 39.351′W080 30.955′After that it’s just a short hike into the woods on an old disused road.CAUTION!This is a great spot for snakes and we do have rattlesnakes around these parts so be warned.Also this is an old bridge so venture carefully!”

  24. Cry Baby Bridge is totally there – Been there tons of times off U.S. 601 after crossing the bridge over Flat Creek, turn left on to Nature Reserve road – inbetween the highway & the lower parking lot for 40 Acre Rock you can find the grown over old pavement path of old U.S. 601, trees are down over path, vines, briars cover it, rattle snakes are around – it’s about a 1/2 mile walk to the old bridge with a broken right rail.

  25. I for one, have been to this Cry Baby Bridge in South Carolina. It is old 601 South as I am very aware and it is on the way to 40 Acre Rock another creepy and yet hauntingly good place.
    My experiences with this bridge is rather bone chilling and as i went with several groups of people they can totally vouch for what happened. We made our way down to the bridge and though we heard no baby crying I was highly aware that it became extremely cold on the bridge area especially over the left side. I will say this I among two others of the 10 people we were with were very nervous and quite acute of the air and fog that descended upon us slowly. on either side of the bridge there were guardrails and the one on the right was broken, crumbled away. Story that I had heard was that she went over the right side of the bridge. Made sense with the broken cement guardrail. However, when I walked to the right, the next thing i knew it was like i was being transported back in time and I saw everything that happened to that lady. The last thing i remember was seeing the taillights of the car below in the water and a wispy face of the woman directly in front of me. I blacked out and would have fallen onto the bridge had my boyfriend at the time not caught me. Him and another man had to carry me back to the truck where it was a good 15 min after that, that i woke up and was freaking out.Keep in mind this was on All Hallow’s Eve. I didn’t go back for 2 years.
    The next time I went back which was 2008, I didnt even make it to the bridge before I was knocked out completely with no memory by cold air. I have never returned and to this day if I’m anywhere remotly in the area, i feel as if I’m being followed.
    Some of you probably wont believe me. But I know what I saw and I know what happened to me.

    • Amanda,

      That is correct. I remember how COLD it was there. There is a disctinct difference in the air. Thanks for the detailed description of your experience.

  26. I have planned a visit to the bridge with some friends….I will not share the date of our visit..I do not want anyone to hide and try to scare us with fake haunting. I am a 55 year old woman, married with two grown children. I have worked in Family Education (Adult Education, Parent Education, and Early Childhood Development Education). I do not believe in ghost or supernatural phenomenon. I thought it would just be a fun thing to do with some friends. After our visit to the bridge I will report my experiences to you…..I truthfully do not believe I will have anything to report…except may be having a lot of fun going over there. I have lived in Chesterfield County all my life and have heard the stories all my life. I have never been there but many friends and relatives have…I have to see this for myself…….so stay tuned because I will give you an accurate account of my visit…

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  30. I have lived in Kershaw just about all of my life, the other in Mt.Croghan (chesterfield county). I have also spent a lot of time at this bridge but mostly at day, I went 1 time at night and when we went onto the bridge I had the same cold feeling Amanda was talking about, with someone was hovering over me. We didn’t have to say crybaby, because shortly after I had that feeling, we heard the scream. I never went back at night after that. We have never had so much fear put in us. The snakes are really, really bad. Its not been but a cpl mths sense we went for a swim down there, and the roads are back opened, because we parked right in front of the bridge, and there was a crowd of people down there. Also your photo maybe a little old because the bridge isn’t grown up, and it has all kinds of writing with spray paint on it. Some people say that the tail isn’t true that its a bobcat screaming! I cant tell you that it was the baby, I never had the chance to look over bridge, because as soon as it happened we ran for the car. I can say what I felt was not normal and I’ve always lived in the boonies, so I no it wasn’t a draft of wind or just a breeze, and trust me this country girl would know the difference.
    Mrs.Bobby, no disrespect but if you don’t believe in ghost. lol I’ve got a picture for you that will force the truth in you. I’ve got a picture of our kids on Easter a few years back, that my grandma’s face was in 6 years after she died. The picture of her face is a whitish cloud in the corner of the photo, the sun wasn’t out that day and there was no fire for smoke around. My mother almost had a attack when she seen the photo. Also,my mother and I as well has had things to happen that are unexplainable.

  31. Who ever says they have seen a “baby” on that bridge or a “mom” are either really bored, really want to sound interesting because your actually an average person, or need some serious help. Nobody has seen it because IT’S NOT REAL! Also did any of you ever stop and think that there might be little children on the internet that you are giving some serious night mares to? You should feel ashamed. STOP POSTING FAKE STUFF THAT NOBODY SHOULD BELIEVE!!!!!!!

  32. Little kids should not be playing on the internet without parental supervision to begin with, so back to the story!! I grew up in Lancaster SC and have been to this bridge many times. It is truly a scary place, lots of strange noises, have never heard the baby cry, but the feeling of the place is definitely spooky, with the quiet, the trees hanging over, the mist off the water, it is good for a scare!

  33. I live about 15 minutes away from Crybaby Bridge! I grew up hearing the story! And have been there multiple times throughout my life. It is a legit place. It’s a creepy enough place during the day, but even worse at night! Everyone should visit at least once!

  34. Hey my names Jeremy lowery. I was born in Monroe nc and lived in pageland 95% of my life. The tale of cry baby creek, is I’m afraid undoubtly true, beginning to end. You have the basis of the story correct. But she actually ran her car off the bridge on a rainy stormy night. She was driving a late model ford car. Some of the older pageland citizens say its bobcats. Male bobcats while fighting other males, make a sound just like screaming baby. They really do, u an look it up on accredited animal sites….anyways in highschool me and friends have visited the site on numerous occasions and just about every time, either ran or had a brisk walk to the main highway to retreat. Seen and heard many things at crybaby creek. I’m a strapping 26 year male, tattooed truckdriver, in a motorcycle club, all that would make u think I’m not easily scared, and i truly don’t scare easy. But, crybaby creek, u can feel something in the air. U can feel it in ur bones. I am absolutely terrified of crybaby creek. When I pass by late st night for what ever reason I run at least 80+ mph to get on by the area….this is truly the REAL crybaby creek….

  35. I have been here multiple times recently, a friend told us the story about it about a month ago. The first time we went there were 5 of us, 4 adults and my teenage son, about 10 o’clock at night. We all got a feeling of dread in our stomachs as soon as we stepped on the bridge. Didn’t see or hear anything while we were there, except some crunching in the woods that we assumed was the sound of animals, however my son became very pale and drained, saying he felt the presence of something. We left after taking a few pictures with smartphones, and of coarse voice recording the whole time. After we got home we went through the pictures, and in one of my son there was a figure behind him, about the size of a toddler. I chalked it up to the shadows of the flash. The voice recording that all 5 of us did on our phones just disappeared, user error? From 5 people? Not likely but I was still not convinced. The next couple trips were during the day with all of my teenagers (4 of my own and 1 who is my daughter’s boyfriend) During one of these trips I got the nerve up to actually cross the bridge.. Out of the corner of my eye, to the left (which is the right side of the bridge if your coming from the road) I saw car taillights disappearing in the water. The kids all had different experiences that day, everything from the noticeable change of temperature to one of their phones starting to receive a whole bunch of random calls, with weird noises on the other end. I went back again last night with 2 friends who wanted to check it out themselves. We got there about the same time, 10 o’clock. We walked the trail armed with 2 flashlights, and a stun gun (after all 3 females alone in the dark) About halfway down the trail we started hearing footsteps, but didn’t see anything. As we approached the bridge we heard a scream coming from the far left side of the bridge. It lasted about a minute. We shined flashlights everywhere, didn’t see anything. A few minutes later another scream, stopping after about a minute, followed by an even louder bloodcurdling along with what sounded like footsteps coming up from both sides of the bridge.. WE TOOK OFF. We got about 50 feet from the bridge and the screaming stopped, but the sound of footsteps followed until we could see my car again. We went to get into the car and it wouldn’t start. A car that I just had the battery, alternator, and starter checked, all in great condition. I popped the hood, shook the cables, beat the fuse box, finally got it to start and drove away as fast as I could. There is absolutely something to this place! I personally don’t think I will go back at night anytime soon, last night was more than enough for me, but it is real, it exists, and it is hands down the spookiest place I have ever been. If you ever get the chance, go see for yourself! It is completely legal, as long as you aren’t vandalizing or littering you will not get in trouble. I had a sheriff in the group with me the first night. But be careful, there is defiantly wildlife in the area that could be dangerous, and I fully believe spirits as well!

  36. That is not how I heard it. This is how I heard it: One night when a mother was tired and needed to get home to feed her family. So she asked a man to help her, And her husband found out and shunned her. Which meant she was not allowed to touch him or the baby! So one night she snuck out with her baby and fell in with the baby, wrapped in her arms. So even to this day you can drive up there and put your car keys on the roof of your car, and walk around the car saying: “Crybaby, crybaby.” And when you see the keys rattling then the spirit is alive. And that is how I heard the story THE END!

  37. Well here in Anderson we think our Crybaby Bridge is the real one too. Dates back almost as far as yours doesn’t really have a Crybaby Bridge does abandon right next to the new bridge on High Shoals Road or what I call the new bridge its not new. Anyhow our story goes that Mary got pregnant premarital in the town nor her folks was to find out about it so when she had the baby she threw it over the Bridge. It’s on high shoals Rd in Anderson sc. When I put in Crybaby Bridge on Google which is an international thing the only bridge that comes up as the one in our town.

    • Wow my talk to text has me sounding illerate lol. Just email me I would love to talk about the two Bridges.

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