Lost Graveyard, Lancaster County, SC

Well, not lost. I am sure that someone knows where this is. It’s another one of those weird little side trips I get to take from time to time. Sometimes you just have to leave the road and turn off the GPS. I was told about this little treasure by a new friend that I made last week during our CITO. It’s not illegal to visit here, although this will soon be SCDNR land.

I enjoy visiting graveyards. Make any assumption you want. I find them (and this is probably a stupid statement) peaceful. I don’t find that kind of quiet anywhere else but in one of these outdoor altars to our loved ones. Their is such rich history and art in a graveyard. You don’t see headstones so intricately carved anymore. You don’t see the messages left in epitaphs like there used to be.

Time was we used to honor the dead. Times change. I know of several small cemeteries just like the one you are seeing here. It’s a shame that they are left to the wilds like this. A shame and at the same time very interesting. There are soldiers buried here. Mothers. Fathers. Brothers. Sisters. Sons. Daughters. Never take this for granted.

There is an old epitaph that goes:

Stop stranger stop,
As you pass by.
As you are now,
So once was I.
As I am now,
You soon shall be.
Pray prepare to follow me.

Words to live and die by.

I know you may think it strange that I enjoy these places. Please know that it is from the appreciation of the history of my home state. And if any of these folks are family of yours, this is done with the utmost respect. Just trying to find a way to save a little history.



5 Responses

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I find cemetaries peaceful and facinating myself Thanks for the pics Paul

  2. That paricular poem is quite common. It’s been seen in ireland and canada as well with slight variations. There was aeven a yound adult novel with the title So Once Was I by K.M. Peyton who wrote the well-known YA series of Novels known as FLAMBARDS. I was a huge fan of her books as a young teen. So Once Was I came out in 1972 when I was 8 but I remember reading it around the age of 12. It was called A Pattern of Roses in the UK. I can’t for the life of me remember anything else about it but that eerie title which stayed with me all these years!

  3. where’s the location of this site I would love to visit it

    • Go up to Landsford Canal to the main road into the park. If your looking down that road go left on the road you’re on and look for the graveyard not far up in the right.

      • Whoops. Scratch that Bering graveyard.

        Go to Flat Creek school or where it used to be and head towards 40 Acre Rock. Start looking for a dirt road off to the left less than a quarter mile. Yellow steel pole hate across it because the DNR took possession of the land. It’s a hike back to the graveyard. Stay right and you’ll come to it eventually.

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