Cross the Diamond and Squashapenny

I know this may seem a little off topic but we really find some strange/weird/different things while caching.


On a roadtrip to find the mythical A.P.E. cache of Maryland, we stumbled upon some really great cache placements. One of these was Cross the Diamond and Squashapenny.

We had been on the road since 7:00 am with another 4 hours to go. Of course we were in virgin territory to us and couldn’t pass up the chance for just “one more cache”. Of course the allure of night caching is what it is.

We came up on this particular location at 12:01 am. There was a train passing through and we were about to turn around and drop the hunt for this cache when we both thought “You know this is what this trip is all about.” So Rich sat in the car while I burned one (cigarette that is) and we waited for the train to pass. When it finally did it was like a curtain being drawn up on a really great show. You have to really go to this place to appreciate it. I will post a few of the pics that are on the cache page here. Enjoy!

Really Big Hand

This one is self explanatory….I think!

Anyway the whole sordid story is there for you to find. Have as much fun as we did.



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